early access audios

I release 3 Early Access Audios to Patreon months before they make their way over to Reddit under my $5 tier.

Like my Patreon Exclusives, 90% of these audio themes were submitted by my patrons and I set up polls so I can record exactly what they want to listen to every month.

This is a list of the current Early Access audios available on my Patreon. This page is updated monthly to reflect the new Early Access released that month.

  1. Don't Some of Y'all Miss My Old Ramblefaps?
    Well, you're in luck because I was feeling super turned on and figured why not have some fun with you. If you want, that is.

  2. Lets Cut The Bullshit
    We both know what this is and honestly, what's hotter than knowing you're going to listen to me and make yourself cum?

  3. Remember When I Asked if You'd Let Me Peg You and You Said No? Well, You Wanted to Make Up for Cheating, Right?
    So you cheated on me. After a few weeks of giving you the silent treatment, I tell you I have a proposition for you. Remember when I told you I wanted to do pegging stuff to you a while back and you said no? Well, I'll only forgive you if you let me do whatever I want to your cock and asshole.

  4. Your Wife Has Been Neglecting You & Your Son Has Been Neglecting His GF. Maybe You Can Help Each Other Out
    You're working from home and your sons gf comes strolling into your office after your son has been ignoring her to play videos games. She knows you and your wife have been having issues and decides to try and talk to you about it. Little do you know, she has another idea in mind and it's very lucky your wife is out while she tries to have her way with you.

  5. Quarantine & Working From Home is Making Me Miss You So Badly
    I was trying to work from home and I couldn't stop thinking about you and how hard this quarantine has been because I haven't been able to fuck you. I can't take it anymore and I want you to know how badly I need you.

  6. It's Been A Few Weeks. Did You Miss Me?
    I've been so desperate, not being able to record anything for you or do anything with you. Would you like to play along with me? You know how much I love making you cum.

  7. Sneaking Into My Room While I'm Sharing a Room With Our Teacher
    It's our college trip to Europe and I've spent the weeks leading up to the trip teasing you and trying to get you to fuck me but there's only one problem- I get stuck sharing a room with our professor who came on the trip as a guide! You finally decide to just go for it and sneak into my room at night with a mission to have your way with me. We can't wake her up though...

  8. Midnight Surprise
    I'm your shy classmate and you let me stay the night at your place after we were hanging out studying and it got too late. You wake up in the middle of the night to me in your bed and I confess that I really want to fuck you.

  9. I'm Sure I Can Think Of a Better Way To Tip You For The Ride
    You just started driving for uber to make some extra cash and pick up this cute girl in this tiny little dress one day. She makes it obvious she wants you to fuck her but you can't risk the extra income. Or can you? I mean, it's just a tip, right?

  10. MY FIRST STEREO AUDIO! One Word Challenge
    so this was on the last poll i put up but i thought it would be fun to record as my first stereo audio. it's just me, hanging out, doing adult things and letting you listen. i was only supposed to say "fuck me" the whole time but i kinda failed a few times. pls forgive me!

  11. Sucking & Stroking [stereo]
    i got my first d i l d o & i thought it would be fun to do a quick stroking and sucking and deepthroating stereo thing for u all!!!

  12. Showing The New Latina Exchange Student Around Campus [stereo]
    You're tapped by your professor to give a new exchange student here from Mexico a tour around campus on an off day. You start giving her the tour and find yourself in the program directors office when she decides she wants to be your first Latina mami and have her way with you on his desk.

  13. Extra Towels, Please! [stereo]
    I'm on a cross country road trip. After a long day of driving, I check into a surprisingly well-maintained and clean motel in the middle of nowhere. You're working the front desk overnight when I check in. I decide to make your night a little more interesting when I call down for some extra towels.

  14. Watch Some Girl on Girl With Me
    You and I, watching the same video together, touching ourselves at the same time.

  15. Hey, Are You Up? I Had a Dirty Dream About You. I Don't Care If You're My Boyfriends Best Friend
    You're sleeping when you're awoken by your phone ringing. It's your best friends girlfriend. You think it's weird as you don't really talk to each other besides the time you spent together because of him so you naturally assume it's something important. She tells you she actually had a dirty dream about you and she really liked it.

  16. Your Best Friends Girlfriend Corners You at a Party After Her Dirty Call To You In The Middle of The Night
    After our dirty phone call in the middle of the night when I had a wet dream about you, we are at a party together and I decide I need to have you. I see you go upstairs and I excuse myself pretending to go to the bathroom and corner you upstairs. I tell you I need to have you, and you admit you haven't stopped thinking about me either and we finally fuck while our friends, and my boyfriend, are downstairs blissfully unaware.