early access audios

These are the current Early Access audios available on my Honey ($5) tier.

These audios typically will not make it over to Reddit or Literotica for about 3-4 months.


This page is updated monthly to reflect the new Early Access released that month.

  1. Lets Cut The Bullshit
    We both know what this is and honestly, what's hotter than knowing you're going to listen to me and make yourself cum?

  2. Remember When I Asked if You'd Let Me Peg You and You Said No? Well, You Wanted to Make Up for Cheating, Right?

    So you cheated on me. After a few weeks of giving you the silent treatment, I tell you I have a proposition for you. Remember when I told you I wanted to do pegging stuff to you a while back and you said no? Well, I'll only forgive you if you let me do whatever I want to your cock and asshole.

  3. Your Wife Has Been Neglecting You & Your Son Has Been Neglecting His GF. Maybe You Can Help Each Other Out
    You're working from home and your sons gf comes strolling into your office after your son has been ignoring her to play videos games. She knows you and your wife have been having issues and decides to try and talk to you about it. Little do you know, she has another idea in mind and it's very lucky your wife is out while she tries to have her way with you.

  4. Quarantine & Working From Home is Making Me Miss You So Badly
    I was trying to work from home and I couldn't stop thinking about you and how hard this quarantine has been because I haven't been able to fuck you. I can't take it anymore and I want you to know how badly I need you.

  5. It's Been A Few Weeks. Did You Miss Me?
    I've been so desperate, not being able to record anything for you or do anything with you. Would you like to play along with me? You know how much I love making you cum.

  6. MY FIRST STEREO AUDIO! One Word Challenge
    so this was on the last poll i put up but i thought it would be fun to record as my first stereo audio. it's just me, hanging out, doing adult things and letting you listen. i was only supposed to say "fuck me" the whole time but i kinda failed a few times. pls forgive me!

  7. Watch Some Girl on Girl With Me
    You and I, watching the same video together, touching ourselves at the same time.

  8. Hey, Are You Up? I Had a Dirty Dream About You. I Don't Care If You're My Boyfriends Best Friend
    You're sleeping when you're awoken by your phone ringing. It's your best friends girlfriend. You think it's weird as you don't really talk to each other besides the time you spent together because of him so you naturally assume it's something important. She tells you she actually had a dirty dream about you and she really liked it.

  9. Your Best Friends Girlfriend Corners You at a Party After Her Dirty Call To You In The Middle of The Night
    After our dirty phone call in the middle of the night when I had a wet dream about you, we are at a party together and I decide I need to have you. I see you go upstairs and I excuse myself pretending to go to the bathroom and corner you upstairs. I tell you I need to have you, and you admit you haven't stopped thinking about me either and we finally fuck while our friends, and my boyfriend, are downstairs blissfully unaware.

  10. Well I Guess You're Fair Game Now
    Your parents adopted a kid a while back, and while everyone tried to act like everything was normal, you never felt like she was your sister and it only got harder as she got older and grew into the hot girl she is now. Your parents finally tell her and she puts together why you always treated her differently and decides to let you know what she was thinking and feeling towards you all these years.

  11. Your Girlfriends Daughter Catches You Stealing Her Panties & Has Her Way With You
    You just moved in with your SO and her hot barely legal daughter. Her daughter constantly wears teeny tiny clothes around you and you just can't help yourself. You start getting off to her and using her panties as something to get off with. She figures out what you've been doing and confronts you.

  12. Fucking Me Through The Gloryhole In The Wall
    You recently got into gloryhole porn and decide to be adventurous and check out one of the booths at the local adult video store in your area. You get in the booth and notice there is actually a gloryhole in the wall and are getting off watching a video when you hear someone in the other booth. Little do you know that I'm the person in the other booth and I really want some dick.

  13. Fucking Your Old High School Crush At Your Family's 4th of July Party ❤️🤍💙
    Your family has a 4th of July get together and your brother shows up with his new gf (who you know from high school and who you always had a crush on). You spend the whole afternoon watching her in her two piece and avoiding her. When everyone goes out front to light fireworks, she asks to speak to you in the backyard with the pretense of needing to talk to you.

  14. The Hot Girl Who Was Watching You Work out Follows You in The Showers
    You're at the gym and are going about your regular workout when you notice the hot girl with the perfect ass and thicc thighs who was on the stairmaster looking at you. At first you think it's your imagination but you keep catching her watching you. You tell yourself she's out of your league and head to the showers as the gym starts to close not knowing that's exactly where she wants you.

  15. Getting Your Dick Wet During a Storm While Camping with Your New Bitchy Stepsister
    Your dad and my mom are getting married. After getting off on the wrong foot and realizing we both love the outdoors, they suggest we take a hiking trip together. After getting stuck in a storm, we’re forced to share the same tent. The night gets cold, and you decide to get closer for warmth. Turns out being that close to me has a very strong effect on you, and you end up making a tent of your own.

  16. The Hot Girl Sitting Across From You on The Train Takes All of Your Cum
    You're minding your own business on the train when the hot girl you saw at the train station sits across from you. After catching you looking in her direction and some teasing, she decides to put on a show for you and drain your balls of all of your cum.

  17. Just a Girl and Her First Wand
    i got my first wand and used it for the first time for you. not a magical wand like Harry Potters, although it does work wonders, if you know what i mean.

  18. Joining The Mile High Club! Your Dirty Flight Attendant Helps You Get Over Your Fear of Flying
    You've had a bad fear of flying for a while and usually opt to travel via land anywhere you go. Unable to do so on short notice with your job, you decide to bite the bullet and get on a plane. You're nervous but feel better when a cute flight attendant with dimples and glasses is there to greet you as you board.

  19. Losing Your Virginity to Your Sexy Roommate After She Volunteers to Help You Use Your Fleshlight For The First Time
    We're roommates and you're eagerly waiting for your first fleshlight to come in the mail. You come out of your room looking for the mail and see the fleshlight, opened, on top of the counter. Your cute shy roommates explains she opened it by mistake and asks why you bought it. You admit to being a virgin and she offers to help you with the fleshlight and then wants your dick inside her as well.

  20. I Made You Lose Your Game on VC With Your Friends & Now You’re Going to Punish Me For It
    Your friends tell you they need one more person for a game (whatever video game you play) and you tell them you're down to play. You just hopped on to the game when your bratty girlfriend comes in asking you to stop gaming and fuck her. You ask her to wait while you finish the game but she's impatient and needs your cock right this second.

  21. The Coaches Daughter is a Filthy Whore & She’ll Do Anything to Help You Stay on The Team
    You’re the star basketball player at our university and you’re failing out of your classes. Afraid you will no longer be able to play if you keep failing, the coach convinces his daughter, who is a straight A student, to tutor you. She comes over to your frat to talk about your grades. You’ve gone through a couple of tutors already so you’re hesitant but she has other means in mind to help you stay on the team.

  22. Fucking The Cute Camp Counselors Tight Pussy After She Begs To Sleep In Your Bunk Because She’s Scared of The Woods
    We’re both camp counselors and are telling scary stories around the campfire one night when it gets really late. We all agree to go to sleep and reconvene in the morning but in the middle of the night, the cute girl with the big ass and glasses comes knocking on your door, scared from the scary stories. She asks if she can sleep with you and you are more than happy to oblige.

  23. Blindfolded Taste Test with Your Stepsister & You Give Her Your Cock!
    Your parents are always asking you and your new stepsister to bond more. While you think she's really nice, you actually are really attracted to her and that makes trying to bond with her really awkward. One day, you're hanging out and she mentions seeing this trend on tiktok where people blindfold themselves while they are fed something and have to guess what it is. You just can't help yourself and need to give her your cock.

  24. Your Girlfriend is a Workaholic But Her Twin Sister is a Fucking Slut
    Your girlfriend is a workaholic and she's incredibly uptight. After not seeing each other in weeks, she finally invites you over to hang out at her apartment, which she shares with her twin sister who you don't really know super well. She promises no interruptions and that'll it'll all be about you, but halfway through the evening, her boss calls and she says she has to go. You're getting ready to go home when your girlfriend suddenly comes back. But why are her clothes different? And why is she asking to call you Daddy?

  25. Your Daughters Barely Legal Best Friend Comes Home With Her During Thanksgiving Break & Is Ready to be Your First Slut Since Your Divorce
    You are newly divorced after being married for a long time and it is your first time hosting Thanksgiving on your own. Your daughter comes home over Thanksgiving break and brings home her childhood best friend. You can't help but notice how much she's grown up and can't tell if she's flirting with you until an accident happens at the dinner table and you end up in her room making sure she's okay.

  26. Fucking The Hot Thicc Lingerie Model While on Set
    I'm a lingerie model and you're my photographer. You immediately are attracted to me but you want to keep things professional. As I change out of the outfits, they start to get smaller and smaller and you can't help but start to get turned on. I ask if I can speak to you alone and we have everyone clear the room before I decide to just go for it and fuck you right there on set.