patreon exclusives

These audios are available on my Dreamboat ($15) tier.

As of March of this year, all of my current Patreon Exclusives are Stereo/Binaural.

These audios are exclusive to Patreon so they will not be reposted on any other platform. Most of these are individually tagged per post, just click the link to see more specific info on the audio if you are a patron!

This page is updated monthly to reflect the new Patreon Exclusives released that month.

  1. Welcome to My Patreon - My First Patreon Exclusive
    Getting off to you listening to me. You know how much you make me cum!

  2. My First Anal Audio
    I keep thinking about anal and it turns me on a lot.The idea really turns me on. Why the change, you ask? Who knows... Let's call it evolution. 

  3. Shower Fun
    Getting off while in the shower. (This audio permanently fucked up my phones speaker)

  4. Making Myself Cum 11 Times
    38 minutes of absolutely destroying my pussy

  5. A Symphony of Orgasms
    The one of the other two girls is throwawayyourlust. If you haven't checked her content out, PLEASE do as she is fantastic!

  6. Middle of The Night Phone Sex Fun
    Yes, you woke me. No, I do not want to go back to sleep. Yes, I want you to play with your cock for me.

  7. I've Seen You At The Gym
    I've seen you look at me when I'm working out and I have to admit I've noticed you too. Would you like to come over after we finish our work out? I promise I'll make it worth your while...

  8. I Really Really Love My New Toy
    This is the first audio I record while using a toy and it is a little intense to say the least.

  9. Driving With a Surprise!
    A vibrator on my clit while parked in a church parking lot? And while going through Starbucks? Fuck yes, indeed.

  10. Your Teenage Daughters Best Friend is Here For A Sleepover
    You never noticed before how much she's grown up. She's wearing those shorts, and she looks so good. You keep wondering what her pussy might look like under those short shorts. In the middle of the night, you go in your daughters bedroom to check on them. You can't help yourself so you move her panties aside and run your fingers along her pussy lips and her clit and then she...

  11. I Found The Toy In My Mommy’s Drawer
    I found this toy in my mommy's drawer and I'm really curious as to what it does. I can't use it at home or she and my dad might know I found it and they just got me my first car so I figured why not try it out on my way to cheerleading practice?

  12. A Girls First Time
    I've touched myself before but I have to confess that for as long as I've known you, I've wanted you to take my virginity. We have to quiet though because my parents will kill me if they know what we're doing. And if they know that I snuck you in!

  13. We Have To Be Quiet. This is a Library After All…
    Hey you! Over here... I saw you checking out girls as they got up to get more books... What kind of weirdo comes to a library to check people out?! Why are you hard right now? Someone is going to see us...

  14. Edging for 20 Minutes
    So I have to admit I played myself with this audio idea because it was so fucking hard for me to go for 20 minutes. I also had to be extra quiet during this audio due to not being home alone but I failed by the end of this audio.

  15. Reading in Spanish and Edging
    I am reading the beginning part of my favorite book. I also said "fuck this" halfway and decided to just play with myself instead.

  16. Getting Blackmailed Into Letting You Fuck Me In A Public Park
    Hey, I don't know what it is you think you saw, but I can promise you it's not what you think. You saw a toy in my hand? Okay fine just get in the car and tell me what you want me to do so you won't call the cops on me!....

  17. Degradate me, Daddy!
    There's nothing hotter than a guy disrespecting you during sex. Tying you up, spanking you till your ass is tender, choking you, slapping you in the face and spitting in your mouth... UNF! This is how I usually like to be fucked so I hope you all enjoy this peak into my kinks!

    You tied to my headboard and me having my way with you... What could be better?

  19. It's A Shame Your Wife Couldn't Come See Houses With You
    It's the first time your wife doesn't come to look at properties with us and I've been waiting to get you alone. I've seen the way you look at me when I'm leading you upstairs to look at bedrooms. I know you've wondered what it'd be like to fuck me in nothing but my stilettos and your wife isn't here so lets have some fun, shall we?...

  20. Sneaking Out of The Slumber Party To Go In My Friends Older Brothers Room
    Hey... No, I'm not lost. I meant to come in your room because I had something to ask you. Do you think my pajama shorts are too short? Do you want to see what's underneath?...

  21. This isn't About My Grade, Professor, I Just Really Want to Fuck You
    I know it's weird for your student to show up at your door but can I come in? I know I'm failing your class but this isn't about my grade. I promise. I'm here because I really want you and I can't stop thinking about you...

  22. The Best Part of Waking Up is Folgers in Your Cup (AND YOUR DICK)
    Good morning baby... I love waking up to you in the morning... What's that? Oh, your cock is so hard for me already... Let me take care of that for you...

  23. Summoning and Losing Your Virginity to a Succubus
    You wake up in the middle of the night and make out a figure at the end of your bed. It's got wings and horns, but wait... tits & hips? It's a succubus and she's here to have her way with you. You've never been with a girl before, you tell her. It's okay though. This is what she's good at...

  24. A Witches Treat!
    Hey, I know you can't move and you're probably freaking out but... remember me? I'm the girl you told had a nice smile at the coffee shop earlier and well, I'm a witch. During Halloween season, it's easier for us to hide our magic so I couldn't help myself and put some spells on you because I really want to fuck you. You don't want to see me use my dark magic, so how bout you let me do what I want with you?

  25. Mr. Mulder, They've Been Here For a Long, Long Time...
    Location: Planet Earth, 92.96 million miles from the Sun | Population: 7.7 Billion | The Premise: An alien disguised as a human sneaks into your room after coming to Earth to live among your kind. You can scream but nobody can hear you. We've been studying you for quite some time and there is one thing that baffles me... Sexual intercourse. I would like to experiences sex for the first time with you.

  26. So You Think You Can Make it Through NNN, Huh?
    So you didn't think No Nut November was going to be easy while being my patron, did you? Oh... you did? You poor thing...

  27. I Bet You Can Satisfy Me Better Than Your Cheating Brother
    Your brothers longtime girlfriend comes over in a fit after finding out he is cheating on her. She is demanding to speak to him or for you to get him to come home so she can confront him and she's not leaving until you do so. She begins telling you everything she did for your brother and asking you if you would've cheated on her and then this happens...

  28. Trying Out My New Sex Toy
    Do you remember those old heartdamage ramblefaps? If you’ve been listening to me for a while, then you already know ramblefaps used to be my thing and are what got my popularity growing. Well I got a new toy and recorded this earlier today.

  29. The Mexican Room Service Girl Can Barely Speak English But Walks In On You Playing With Yourself
    The room service girl with the really nice ass you saw down the hall from your room accidentally walks into your room and catches you playing with yourself while checking if you need towels. You somehow convince her to stay, even though she can lose her job, and although you can barely understand each other, you don't need to speak the same language for her to enjoy you cumming in her pussy...

  30. 13 Times
    Literally me cumming 13 times in one audio.

  31. You Force Your Stepsister to Fuck You While Your Parents Watch Return of The Jedi in the Other Room...
    Hey, what did you need to talk to me about? You're making me miss the movie. I know Return of The Jedi isn't as good as The Empire Strikes Back but I still want to watch it with mom and dad... WHY ARE YOU NAKED!? You want to fuck me? But they'll hear us. I guess we can be quiet, I'd be lying if I said I never thought about fucking you...

  32. Thanks for The Ride After My Car Broke Down! Are You Sure There's No Way I Can Repay You for Being a Good Samaritan? 
    Are you sure you can give me a ride? I don't have any money or anything I can do to repay you. I don't have to repay you? You're so selfless. Are you sure I can't make you cum to show you my appreciation?

  33. I Want to Start My Year with Your Cum in My Mouth... 
    All of our friends are out drinking and partying and all I really wanted was to start my year with your cum in my pussy. Is that okay?

  34. Catching Your Stepsister Playing with Herself Pt. 1 
    Your stepsister thinks she has the house to herself and you catch her playing with herself. Maybe you can talk her into letting you be her toy instead? 

  35. The Girl Next Door Sneaks Into Your Bed...
    The girl who lives next door is your daughters age and starting college and her parents take a trip out of town. She gets spooked in the middle of the night and knocks on your door asking if she can please spend the night as she's afraid to be alone. You're hesitant because she's grown up and has the body of a woman now and your own wife and kids aren't home and are considered about how it may seem inappropriate. But you've known her practically all her life, she rode her bike with your daughter, how bad can it be? You let her sleep in the guest bedroom and wake up in the middle of the night to her sneaking into your bed...

  36. You Caught Me and Now I've Caught You! Pt. 2
    I knew you were getting off in your room! Mom and dad are gone so how about you let me have my way this time? We had so much fun together last time. It'll be our little secret. Maybe we can even try something my boyfriend wont do with me? 

  37. Threesome With My Best Friend & Me...
    Hey baby, so I know we've been dating for a long time and things have kind of staled in the bedroom for us but I had an idea! I thought it'd be fun to bring someone into the bedroom with us... Yes, like a threesome. I even asked my best friend if she'd be into it and you know I've been wanting to try some girl on girl and she accepted. I want you to fuck her while I ride her face. Would you be into that?

  38. I'm Your New Stepmom and I know For a Fact Your Young Girlfriend Can't Satisfy You Like I Can
    Hey, can I talk to you really quick? I know your dad is out on business and you don't like me living here because you and I are so close in age and I'm your dads new wife but I can hear you trying to talk that young girlfriend of yours into doing things with you and I can hear her turning you down. Have you ever thought about me? I miss your dad but your cock will do just fine...

  39. Helping Your Roommates Gf De-stress While He's Out!
    Hey, sorry to bother you but is he here? I was hoping to catch him before he left to class because I have a big midterm and I need to relax a bit. You can help me? We shouldn't do this, I'm your roommates gf and I don't think he'd be okay with this but oh my god, your cock feels great...

  40. She Got to Have You for Valentines Day, But Now It's My Turn...
    What are you doing here? You think you can just slip in here after ditching me on Valentines to be with her? You think I'm just going to be here whenever it's convenient for you? You think you can make it up to me? How is that? You'll let me do whatever I want? Are you sure about that?

  41. You Choose Who I'm Playing in This Audio
    You know that girl IRL that you have a crush on? Maybe it’s a coworker or your friends girlfriend or your boss, the nice nurse who smiles at you at the doctors office? Whoever it is, I’m her today and I want you to think about her while you listen to this audio...

  42. Well You're Home Early, Want to Help Me?
    Hi Daddy, you're home early. What am I doing? Nothing, I promise! Ok, ok you caught me. I was playing with myself. You want me to show you what I was doing? I'll show you but only if you cum inside me after...

  43. My First Massage, With a Twist!
    Hi, I'm M. Sorry, I'm a little nervous. I've never gotten a massage before so I don't know what to expect. You're going to take care of me, right? Let me take my robe off, get on your massage bed and we can start...

  44. I'm Your Wife and I Saw You Checking Out My Best Friend but I Kind of Liked It...
    Hey baby, can I talk to you about something? I saw you looking at my best friend when she came over to swim yesterday. I'm not mad, I promise. If I'm being honest, I was kind of into it and can't stop thinking about you fucking her and it really turns me on...

  45. Getting Caught Having Some Alone Time by Your Wifes Barely Legal Little Sister
    Oh my god! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to walk in on you... Wait. Were you playing with yourself? You were, weren't you? What were you thinking about? Were you thinking about me earlier? When you walked in on me, wet and naked, right out of the shower? You were, weren't you? Admit it. I kinda like it. I don't care if you're my older sisters husband...

  46. Self Isolation Sucks Because I Miss Your Cock
    I know these are hard times and self isolating sucks because I haven't seen you and I miss you and I really really need you to fuck me. I miss your cock so fucking much and I need you to understand how badly I need this to be over so you can cum inside me again and again and again...

  47. Doctor, Can You Look at This Weird Pain I Have?
    You're my doctor? You're way too young and good looking to be a doctor, don't you think? Can I ask you something? Have you ever fucked any of your patients? Wait! Don't leave!! I actually do have something else to talk to you about... I have a weird pain between my legs. Can you touch it and see what it is? Oh doctor!

  48. Trying Out Something New
    A new surprise...

  49. The Shy Girl at The Bar is a FREAK
    You're at a bar after your friends dragged you out and you're really quiet and shy. You could never approach a girl here because it makes you really anxious. Your friends are stressing you out so you decide to go outside and get some air and you see a cute girl outside also getting some air. You start talking and realize she is also anxious and shy and you invite her to your car to talk...

  50. All You Do is Play Those Stupid Video Games!! I Need You to Fuck Me Even if You're Playing
    You're my boyfriend and you have been playing a new video game nonstop on VC with your friends and I'm bored and want attention. I want you to fuck me and you tell me to wait until the match is over but I'm fed up and desperate and I am done waiting on you and fucking matches...

  51. Tricking your Couples Therapist into Phone Sex
    You and your wife have been seeing a couples therapist because you’ve been having problems. You're feeling super horny and your wife isn’t doing it for you, and you’ve always thought the therapist is sexy so you call her in the middle of the night asking her to help you with trying to get your wife off. She is reluctant at first, saying it’s not ethical, but you get her talking about how she likes to be fucked and soon enough, she’s playing with herself while talking to you about what you should do to your wife to make her cum...

  52. I Want to Wake Up to You So Badly
    Just your dream girl waking up to you in her bed and talking about how much she wants you...

  53. It's My God Given Right as an American to Have You Fuck Me on 4th of July
    It's 4th of July and we're at our friends barbecue. Kids are running around, some meat is on the grill and I ask you to come to the car with me for a second. I don't care if our friends can come out and find us, I don't care that they'll be out here to pop fireworks. I don't give a fuck because it's 4th of July. I'm an American and I want you to fuck me. Think of the founding fathers, they afforded me the freedom to fuck you today. Are you going to deny me of it?

  54. Your Cougar Girlfriends 18 Year Old Bratty Daughter Convinces You Not to Break Up With Her Mom
    You’re at your cougar girlfriends house waiting for her to come home so you can break up with her when your friend calls and you mention breaking up with her, forgetting her 18 year old bitchy bratty daughter is home and can hear your conversation. She comes out of her room and confronts you with a special proposition...

  55. Your Couples Therapist Gets Her Revenge
    Last month, you got your couples therapist on the phone and tricked her into getting you off on the phone with the pretense of you being nervous about being intimate with your wife after your sex life dried up. You show up for your appointment with your therapist and you both are sitting there waiting for your wife to show up and you're praying she doesn't say anything to your wife...

  56. M's First Time Sucking Dick
    Once upon a time, a young M used to swear she would NEVER suck a dick because she thought they were gross. Then one day, out of nowhere, she just decided she wanted to try it out and see if she’d like it. I talked to my best friend (a guy) about it beforehand and he gave me some pointers and I went on my merry jolly way to suck dick and love it. But what if you were the best friend? And instead of pointers, I actually wanted to try on your cock first??

  57. Why Are You Live Streaming This!?!
    After teasing you while you're at work all day, you come over ready to fuck me and decide you want to film us fucking on your phone. I am so turned on, I agree but only if you promise nobody will see it.  Halfway through, your phone goes off and I grab it and realize you've intentionally been live streaming it and a lot of people are watching. I'm horrified but after a little convincing, I decide to give them a show...

  58. Movie Theater Fun
    I've been talking about how much I loved A Star is Born (the Judy Garland version) and you find a movie theater showing the original with Janet Gaynor and Frederic March from 1937 and surprise me with a date night. It's been a while since we've been to the movies, and as the movie starts, I decide there's something I want to do more than watching the movie...

  59. Bummer About Your Team. Maybe I Can Make it Better
    You and your best friend are both really into basketball, and you've been talking shit to each other about each others teams the whole season. Then your team loses the first round of the playoffs and doesn't make it to the semifinals, while her team advances. She comes over to pick you up to go hang out with friends and as usual is talking her shit. You tell her to stop and she proposes a way to make you feel better about your loss...

  60. Running Into Someone You Haven't Seen In a Very Long Time While At College
    You're at a party with your friends when you spot a familiar face in the crowd. Your mom and her dad were married for a while but got divorced and you haven't seen her ever since. Goddamn, she's grown up. She was always so cute. And now you can finally go for it.

  61. The Ghost Next Door Fucks You On Halloween
    The house next door has stood unoccupied for a while. Rumor has it a bunch of people have died in the house and everyone who moves in, ends up moving out after being plagued by creepy spooky things. Your parents are out for Halloween and you decide to stay in and game online when you get a knock on the door. It's a pretty girl and she just moved in next door? It's rumored spirits can roam among the living on Halloween, but that can't be true, can it?

  62. Trick or Treat!! But It's Not Candy I Want
    Your daughter is in college but when she was younger, she had a best friend who was always at your house. You always suspected she had a crush on you and wondered what happened to her. Then she shows up at your door trick or treating. Isn't she a little too old to be trick or treating? Yes, but it's not candy that she wants.

  63. Can You Zip Me Up?
    Hey, can you do me a favor? I know you're too busy gaming online but I'm headed to a Halloween party and I need you to zip me up. Look, I know you don't really talk to me since our parents got married and made you move in here, but a small favor can't hurt, right? Do you like my costume? You like my ass? I like your cock. Maybe if you can make it worth my while, I'll skip the party and have fun with you instead!

  64. Best Friends Older Sister Pt. 2
    Your best friends family has a cabin up in the mountains and they've invited you on their annual ski trip. His sister has pretty much avoided you since that day you finally got to fuck her, but she ends up having to drive up with you as it's packed in the other car. Something goes wrong and now everyone isn't coming till tomorrow! It's cold and you're all alone. I'm sure we can find a way to warm up and keep each other company.

  65. M's Choice
    What happens when you're in heartdamage's bed? What would she do? Is it different from her audios?

  66. Snowed In
    You just woke up and are getting ready to get out of bed and go get coffee when I inform you it snowed all night and if you get out of bed, you're going to have to shovel the snow. I have a better idea of what we can do, though and it doesn't include us getting out of bed.

  67. My Date Bailed On Me & I Need Your Cock
    You're hanging out at home after Valentines when I call and ask if I can come over. I never ask to come over so you're confused but you say yes. I show up and I'm in heels and a short dress. You can't help but admire how hot I look but you try to relax because we're best friends but I have other plans in mind.

  68. Tied Up Switch
    I finally convinced you to let me tie you up and have my way with you. I start teasing you and getting you worked up and when I untie you, you decide you get to have your way and I have no say now.

  69. Sexy New Librarian Helps You Find a Book In The Back of The Library [stereo]
    You usually come to the library to study and notice they have a new librarian working. She's a lot younger than the rest of the staff and really attractive and you decide to try and make a move. You ask her to help you find a book you know that is way in the back part of the library, where nobody can hear you if you're quiet enough...

  70. Your Older Sister's Hot Best Friend Takes Your Virginity [stereo]
    You're still a virgin and you're home from college. Your parents just had the pool cleaned when your older sisters hot best friend shows up at your door in her bikini. She's known you for as long as you can remember but she looks so hot and you get to talking. She's here to swim with your sister but nobody is home so you have to come up with something else to do.

  71. Edging w Your Favorite Needy Audio Slut [stereo]
    25 minutes of your favorite audio slut playing with herself, thinking about you getting off to her. Your favorite audio slut imagining you and what she'd do to you if you were here. Let's edge and have some fun together, please?

  72. I Might Not Be Good At Job Interviews But I Know I’m Good At Making You Cum [stereo]
    This may or may not be inspired by real current events

  73. Sneaking In My Window And Having Your Way With Me While My Parents Are Next Door [stereo]
    I'm a college freshman home for summer break. My parents were supposed to be out for the evening and you and I had a nice evening planned out, but their plans got cancelled, which also meant that OUR plans got cancelled. Or so I thought, because suddenly, you're tapping on my window and sneaking into my room and I have to be quiet because my parents are in the next room over.

  74. Running Into Your Hot Ex & Letting Her Fuck You in The Dressing Room [stereo]
    You're at the mall with your girlfriend when you run into me, your ex girlfriend. We catch up and I tell you I'm here with my boyfriend shopping for some summer clothes but he went to a different store while I try some pieces on. I ask you if you remember when we fucked in a dressing room, which, of course, you do. To pass the time while we wait for our partners, you come into my dressing room and have some fun with me.

  75. Forcing Me To Be Your Dirty Slut While On VC Playing Among Us With My Friends [stereo]
    You're hanging out and start to feel horny so you decide to come and see what I'm up to. I'm sitting on call with my friends in the middle of a game of Among Us and you start trying to get me to fuck you.

  76. Making Me Fuck You On The Beach While Someone Is Watching Us [stereo]
    We're at the beach. The sun is setting on the waves as they roll in and out. We spent the day swimming and hanging out, and after getting a really horrible sunburn, I decide I want to go to home. You're determined not to leave until you've fucked me on the beach and decide to finally make it happen before we leave. The only problem is people are still here. But is it really a problem?

  77. Fucking Your New Wife's Sister in The Coatroom At Your Reception [stereo]
    it's your wedding night and your new bride, my sister, got too drunk and passed out. You run into me, your new sister in law, and you express your disappointment over her falling asleep. i ask you to meet me in the coatroom with the pretense of it being too loud to talk to you in the reception hall. little do you know, i've decided to make it up to you on my sister's behalf.

  78. [Remaster] Your Barely Legal Babysitter Lies & Says Your Wife Said It's Okay to Fuck Her [stereo]
    This audio went up on GWA in April of 2020 and this is my take on re-recording it.
    Welcome home! I know I've been babysitting your kids for a few years and I know it's been super rough on you these last few months because you've been working so hard. I talked to your wife and she agreed you should get a treat due to how hard you're working these days. She gave me permission to fuck you. Don't you want to finally get a taste of my 18 year old pussy?? (then later during the sex...) Actually, I lied. Your wife didn't give me permission. I just really wanted to fuck you!

  79. [Remaster] Your Boss is a Bitch and It’s About Time She Gets What She Deserves [stereo]
    This audio went up on GWA over 2 years ago and this is my take on re-recording it. 
    Your boss is the rudest bitch you have ever met. What's her problem? Why does she always have a stick up her ass? Maybe it's time for you to get her in a room alone, put your hand over her mouth, and teach her a lesson.

  80. Making Me Take Your Cum While On The Phone With My Mom [stereo]
    You're in the middle of fucking me when my mom calls. I know she'll keep calling until I answer, so I tell you to pull out so I can talk to her. You refuse to stop fucking me, intent on cumming inside me and tell me to just play it cool while I talk to her and you have your way with me.

  81. [Remaster] Your Wife Catches You Fucking The Babysitter at Your Beach House and Wants You to Keep Going [stereo]
    You and your family head out to the beach house for the weekend and your wife decides to bring your barely legal babysitter to help with the kids. You go out for the evening and get in an argument so you come home and start talking to the babysitter. You've always thought she was attractive and one thing leads to another and you're fucking her when your wife walks in. Instead of firing the babysitter and asking her to leave, she tells you to keep going and even joins in on the fun (which is strange since you didn't think your wife was interested in other women).

  82. [Remaster] Hey, I’m your masseuse today! Wouldn’t me draining your balls make you relaxed? [stereo]
    This audio went up on GWA over a year ago and this is my take on re-recording it.
    Hi my name is M and I'll be your masseuse today! I know you're used to my coworker usually taking care of you and I might do things a little different than she does but I promise I can get you to relax and you'll leave here feeling like a million bucks. Can you take off your robe? I promise not to look.

  83. M's Choice! Pt. 2 [stereo]
    I had a few people ask for me to do both another M's Choice audio (What happens when you're in heartdamage's bed? What would she do? Is it different from her audios?) and something while I'm a little high because I've mentioned a bunch that being high makes me really horny? So basically this is a super horny updated M's Choice where I get to do things however I want and you fuck me the way I like to be fucked IRL.

  84. I Had a Bad Day & Now I'm Going To Use You as My Toy [stereo]
    the title is self explanatory.

  85. [Remaster] I Know You’re Fucking My Sister, But I Can Make You Cum Harder [stereo]
    Hey, what are you doing down here all by your lonesome watching TV in the middle of the night? Where's my sister? She fell asleep on you? AND you didn't get to cum? That's unfortunate but maybe I can help you out.

  86. I Want You to Play With Yourself While You Listen to Me Fuck Myself [STEREO]
    You all kept asking for a cum encouragement audio and I hadn't done one in stereo yet so... Forget whatever is on your mind, lay down and spend 29 minutes with me. I'm begging you. I need you to play with your cock for me ♥

  87. [Remaster] Turn Your Head & Cough... Ok Now Fuck Me! [stereo]
    Hey, you’re here for your physical, right? I just started working for the doctor and it’s the first time I give someone a genital exam. oh wow, your cock is really nice and I’d really like to put my mouth on it. I bet you’ve never had a physical like this before. Let me fuck you and make you cum.

  88. [REMASTER] It's No Nut November & I'm Going to Fucking Break You [STEREO]
    Daddy, I want to be the reason you can’t help but give up on trying to go a whole month without cumming. Don’t you like knowing I want your cum so badly, I simply can’t fucking wait a whole month to have it? I love thinking about how hard your cock is going to get while you listen to this.

  89. Daddy, Today I'm Going to Listen to Myself Get Off for You & I Want You to Play Along [STEREO] [ASMR]
    I've been dipping my foot into ASMR and thought what if I combined ASMR and a regular audio? The premise is simple. Me playing with my pussy. But also me listening to myself playing with my pussy talking dirty to you. You get to hear me going from ear to ear and also cumming in stereo at the same time. I came really hard, daddy. Did you cum with me?

  90. [F4MF] I Want You to Fuck Me While I Eat Her Pussy [STEREO]
    We've been dating for a while and unbeknownst to you, I recently figured out I am attracted to other women. I start fantasizing about you cumming inside me while another girl grinds against my mouth and cums on my lips. Is it okay that I want to share your cock with her, daddy? Is it okay if your good girl fucks another girl just for you to enjoy? Two slutty girls together, just for you.