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hey there!

You can call me M.

If you made it over here, then you probably know I post audios under the username heartdamage on Reddit & LiteroticaI'm a Mexicana in the Eastern USA who makes audios, road rages, sings badly along to songs, sometimes takes pics of my butt and loves to run.

In 2018, I was bored one day and posted to r4r over on Reddit. I looked at the post history of someone who responded to me and fell into the world of GoneWildAudio. I mustered up the courage to post and quickly built a fanbase. Then in March of 2019, I lost my job and while trying to figure out how to get back on my feet, I decided to do audio work full time and started my Patreon. Since then, I've have been lucky enough to start my own true crime podcast, as well as a series of creepy story-times with the support of my awesome patrons.

Recording audios has completely changed my life. Sharing my intimacy with my lovely listeners is something I'm super proud of and I hope you'll join me on my journey!


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