September patreon news

Hello cuties!

This month, I decided to continue my remastering of some of my old audios.

What does this mean exactly?
I've been working on audios for close to 3 years. In that time, I've done A LOT of audios, each one with its own fun plot or theme. I've grown a ton as a performer, upgraded my audio setup to a professional level, learned my strengths and refined a few things here and there.

Basically, if I recorded it, my patrons can submit their favorite audio by me and I will be re-recording it in Stereo/Binaural, with wet sounds and maybe a cute background and/or sound effects

In addition to this 1 remastered Patreon Exclusive audio, 3 audios this month are going to be handpicked by me from submissions by my patrons, while another 2 are being decided via poll by my patrons.

upload calendar

September (1).png

september sfw content

On top of the erotic audios I make, I also record some fun non-erotic content for my patrons.
If you're interested, here is what I have planned this month:

  • Catch Up With M: Just a girl hitting her vape pen talking about life (expect lots of laughs).

  • JAMZ!!!: me + you + my Marshall subwoofer just jamming for half an hour.

  • Slob Kebab Storytime: Come hang out and let me tell you about my first times...


    Road Ragers Anonymous: Let me set the scene. Me, driving, yelling at bad drivers & vibing to some good jams. Lets hang out and road rage together!

  • Heebie Jeebies Ep. 15: My spooky story times where I read and react along with you. Anticipate lots of "oh my god no" and "why do I do these every month?"

If you are a patron, you can find all of this info, as well as the submissions forms for this month, in the Patreon Bulletin channel of my Discord server throughout the month.

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