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you know how Taylor Swift decided to re-record a bunch of her old work?


I've played a ton of different characters in my audios throughout the last 3 years. I've played your stepsister, your spanish teacher, your bitchy coworker, your best friend, your slutty girlfriend, a succubus, a hooker, a vampire, a ghost who comes out on halloween, a rebel officer captured by an imperial ship among more. In June, I decided to start re-recording some of my old audios.

All of these are re-recorded in stereo/binaural format, with wet sounds and with sfx.

The sex acts in these audios are also entirely different to reflect my own sexual growth.

I'm like the audio porn Taylor Swift. just kidding.

Below are the previews for my currently available Remastered audios*:

*To find the previews for my early access & patreon exclusive audios instead, click here.

Latest remaster

Click here for the original version of this audio, which was posted on Reddit 2 years ago.

You and your girlfriend have been together for a while and while you're happy in the relationship, your sex drive has fizzled out. You have new kinks you want to explore but she's very reserved and you're afraid to mention them for fear of hurting her. Then one night, she's sitting with you reading her book and she decides to let you know it's okay to use her when she's asleep. You're confused and intrigued.

I mean, it's only right I get to be your little fucktoy even when I'm asleep, right?



[stereo/binaural] [sfx] [sleep play] [doing whatever you want to me] [with consent!] [stroking yourself for me] [wet sounds] [narration] [whispering] [intimate]  [fsub] [wet stroking] [rubbing your cock on my mouth] [slap me with your cock] [rubbing my pussy with your cock] [ass eating] [eat my pussy] [soft sleepy moans] [grinding against my ass] [fingering] [prone bone] [fuck me] [i wake up with your cock inside me] [play with my tits] [nipple play] [cumming on your cock] [missionary] [hard fucking] [begging] [dirty talk] [cum inside me] [creampie]

Click here for the original version of this audio, which was posted to my website 2 years ago.

Your stepsister is a couple of years younger than you. While you played sports and were popular in HS, she has pretty much always been shy and kept to herself. While everyone else her age was out drinking and going to prom, she spent her time in her bedroom watching anime and playing video games. A few weeks after turning 18, she sneaks in your room asking for a favor.

I don't want to go to college a virgin, much less not even having seen a dick. Who else is going to take as good care of me as my older stepbrother?



[stereo/binaural] [wet sounds] [calling you daddy] [whispering] [intimate] [shy] [nervous] [taking your stepsisters virginity] [our little secret] [can i just see it?] [first time] [fsub] [lots of questions] [wet stroking] [wet handjob] [gentle blowjob] [teaching me to deep throat] [sucking on your balls] [cowgirl] [grinding] [kissing] [play with my tits] [nipple play] [cumming on your cock] [missionary] [hard fucking] [begging] [dirty talk] [cum inside me] [creampie] [fingering] [finger fucking your cum into my pussy] [pussy eating] [cum sharing] [cum kiss]

Let Me Show You What I Like, Daddy!

Click here for the original version of this audio, which was posted to Patreon in August of 2019.

You've been hanging out with this girl you really really like. She's a little shy and kind of modest but you decide to be patient and let things play out. Little do you know she's a total slut and she's ready to do exactly as she is told. Just for you.

There's nothing hotter than a guy disrespecting you during sex. Tying you up, spanking you till your ass is tender, choking you, slapping you in the face and spitting in your mouth... UNF! 



[stereo/binaural] [remaster] [fsub] [tie me up] [rope bunny] [calling you daddy] [your dirty bitch] [face sitting] [riding your face] [play with my tits] [cumming on your mouth] [punishment] [bratty] [loud spanking] [bad girl] [make me!] [making me suck your dick] [sloppy blowjob] [playing with your balls] [deepthroating] [dirty talk] [begging] [first time anal] [fuck my asshole] [hair pulling] [choking] [cumming with your cock in my ass] [ass to pussy] [fuck my pussy] [missionary] [edging] [facial] [cum on my face] [cumplay] [swallowing your cum]

Click here for the original version of this audio, which was posted to GWA in early 2019.

Hi sweetheart... I know you had a bad day today and I really want to make you feel better. But oh wait... OH NO! We don't have any condoms. I guess you can still fuck me but only if you promise not to cum inside me. Do you promise?


[remaster] [stereo/binaural] [wet sounds] [lots of edging] [calling you baby] [gfe] [i love you] [sweet] [whispering] [reassuring] [i want to make you feel good] [soothing] [massage] [whispering] [dirty talk] [wet handjob] [joi] [playing with your balls] [lots of spanking] [take it out on me] [fingering] [asseating] [eat my pussy] [cum denial] [anal] [double penetration] [fuck my asshole] [missionary] [begging] [suck and play with my tits] [teasing] [ass to pussy] [fuck my pussy] [countdown] [creampie] [cum eating]

Click here for the original version of this audio, which was posted to GWA in April of 2019.

You have been taking spanish classes and have, unfortunately, been doing terrible. on top of being lost by the material and not being able to take in all the information, the teacher being really cute, petite and thick has definitely not helped things. she sends you an email asking you to come in on an off day and meet her in the classroom. you’re sitting in the empty class waiting for her when suddenly the door opens and there she is.


stereo/binaural, lots of SPANISH, sfx, wet sounds, calling you papi, classroom, fucking your spanish teacher, seducing you, teasing, stripping for you, fdom, exposing myself to you, play with my tits, rub my wet pussy, wet blowjob, wet stroking, kissing, fuck my face, choking on your cock, bend me over, hair pulling, grinding against my ass, choke me, loud spanking, dirty talk, heavy breathing, missionary on teachers desk, suck on my tits while you fuck me, begging, cumming on your cock, creampie, cumeating, cumkiss.

Click here for the original version of this audio, which was posted to GWA in November of 2018

I want to be the reason you can’t help but give up on trying to go a whole month without cumming. Don’t you like knowing I want your cum so badly, I simply can’t fucking wait a whole month to have it? I love thinking about how hard your cock is going to get while you listen to this.



stereo, nnn, your personal fleshlight, ramblefap, wet sounds, calling you daddy, i'm going to make you cum, dirty talk, teasing, so wet for you, playing with my pussy, edging, wet handjob, a lot of playing with the head of your cock, playing with your balls, wet sloppy blowjob, deepthroating, gagging on your cock, missionary, hair pulling, begging, loud spanking, doggystyle, fingering, fuck my pussy, using your cock as my toy, playing with my clit, cum cleanup, i want all of your cum to myself.

Click here for the original version of this audio, which was posted to GWA in early 2019.

Hey, you’re here for your physical, right? I just started working for the doctor and it’s the first time I give someone a genital exam. oh wow, your cock is really nice and I’d really like to put my mouth on it. I bet you’ve never had a physical like this before. Let me fuck you and make you cum.



stereo, doctors office, naughty nurse, i love your cock, seducing you, handjob, wet stroking sounds, dirty talk, playing with your balls, sloppy blowjob, deepthroating, gagging, begging, your own personal fleshlight, playing with my tits, missionary on the exam table, teasing my clit, rubbing my clit with your cock, fuck my pussy, doggystyle, bent over like a slutty bitch for you, loud spanking, begging you to fuck me, cumming on your cock, creampie, finger fuck your cum into my pussy, cleaning off your fingers and your cock, pt 2???

Click here for the original version of this audio, which was posted to GWA in early 2019.

Hey, what are you doing down here all by your lonesome watching TV in the middle of the night? Where's my sister? She fell asleep on you? AND you didn't get to cum? That's unfortunate but maybe I can help you out...


stereo, sfx, your girlfriends sister, cheating, fucking the tomboy, our little secret, your dirty whore, seducing you, fdom, playing with myself while you watch me, eat my pussy, play with my tits, fingering my pussy, edging, tasting myself on your fingers, wet sloppy handjob, playing with your balls, sucking your dick, deepthroating, gagging on your cock, dirty talk, bend me over, hair pulling, begging, loud spanking, cumming on your cock, creampie, cumming while your cock and cum are still inside me, cumeating.

Click here for the original version of this audio, which was posted to GWA in early 2020.

Hi my name is M and I'll be your masseuse today! I know you're used to my coworker usually taking care of you and I might do things a little different than she does but I promise I can get you to relax and you'll leave here feeling like a million bucks. Can you take off your robe? I promise not to look.


asmr-ish, stereo, wet sounds, sfx, your massage girl has her way with you, prostate massage, assplay, play with my pussy, hand job, sloppy blowjob, facefucking, rimming, tit fucking, teasing, dirty talk, grinding my pussy against your cock, reverse cowgirl, spank my big fat ass while i ride your cock, creampie, cumeating, finger fucking your cum back into my pussy, heavy breathing, begging, i dont care if anyone hears us.

Click here for the original version of this audio, which was posted to GWA in early 2019.

You and your family head out to the beach house for the weekend and your wife decides to bring your barely legal babysitter to help with the kids. You go out for the evening and get in an argument so you come home and start talking to the babysitter. You've always thought she was attractive and one thing leads to another and you're fucking her when your wife walks in. Instead of firing the babysitter and asking her to leave, she tells you to keep going and even joins in on the fun (which is strange since you didn't think your wife was interested in other women).


stereo, you and your wife fuck the babysitter, beach house sfx, wet sounds, cheating, blackmail-ish, seducing me, playing with my pussy, stroking your cock, dirty talk, heavy breathing, calling you daddy, sloppy blowjob, deepthroating, choking on your cock, eating my ass and pussy from behind, your wife walks in, cuckqueen, threesome, eating your wifes pussy while you fuck me, cumming on your cock, loud spanking, creampie, sitting on your wifes face, cumsharing, cumkiss.

Click here for the original version of this audio, which was posted to GWA in early 2019.

Your boss is the rudest bitch you have ever met. What's her problem? Why does she always have a stick up her ass? Maybe it's time for you to get her in a room alone, put your hand over her mouth, and teach her a lesson.


stereo, wet sounds. making your boss your dirty slut, fdom to fsub, teasing, dirty talk, talking down to you, finally having your way with me, stroking your cock, tasting myself on your fingers, eating my pussy, dick slapping, sloppy blowjob, deepthroating, wet stroking, sucking on your balls, choking on your cock, bend me over, grinding your cock between my fat ass cheeks, spanking my fat ass until it’s red, playing with my clit, ramming your cock into me, choking, hair pulling, cumming on your cock, begging, heavy breathing, creampie, tasting your cum on my pussy, cumkiss, making me swallow our cum mixed together.

Click here for the original version of this audio, which was posted to GWA in April of 2020.

Welcome home! I know I've been babysitting your kids for a few years and I know it's been super rough on you these last few months because you've been working so hard. I talked to your wife and she agreed you should get a treat due to how hard you're working these days. She gave me permission to fuck you. Don't you want to finally get a taste of my 18 year old pussy?? (then later during the sex...) Actually, I lied. Your wife didn't give me permission. I just really wanted to fuck you!



stereo, fucking your babysitter, calling you daddy, cheating, blackmail-ish, your wife is a cuckqueen, DOUBLE CREAMPIE, seducing you, teasing, stroking your cock, finger my pussy, cumming on your fingers, play and suck on my tits, sloppy blowjob, loud deepthroating, sucking on your fingers, choking on your cock, missionary, choking, wet sounds, begging, dirty talk, heavy breathing, cumming on your cock, bending me over, spanking, hair pulling, cumming in my pussy, holding my hands behind my back, making me take your cock in my ass, making me clean up your cock.

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