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Making Me Take Your Cum While On The Phone With My Mom [24:01] [Patreon Exclusive] [Patron poll winner]

You're in the middle of fucking me when my mom calls. I know she'll keep calling until I answer, so I tell you to pull out so I can talk to her. You refuse to stop fucking me, intent on cumming inside me and tell me to just play it cool while I talk to her and you have your way with me.


on the phone with my mom, wet sounds, hold the moan, calling you daddy, teasing, dirty talk, your dirty little whore, fuck my pussy, cnc-ish, cumming on your cock, face riding, cumming on your face, sloppy blowjob, deepthroating, choking on your cock, facefucking while you choke me, kissing, pinning my hands down, missionary, grabbing your ass, legs wrapped around you, cumming inside me while my mom is on the phone, fingerfuck your cum into my pussy, cum eating, consenting adults.

Getting Your Dick Wet During a Storm While Camping with Your New Bitchy Stepsister [30:00] [Early Access] [Patron poll winner]

Your dad and my mom are getting married. After getting off on the wrong foot and realizing we both love the outdoors, they suggest we take a hiking trip together. After getting stuck in a storm, we’re forced to share the same tent. The night gets cold, and you decide to get closer for warmth. Turns out being that close to me has a very strong effect on you, and you end up making a tent of your own.


camping with your new stepsister, rain and thunder sfx, sharing a sleeping bag, reluctant as first, joi, stroke your cock for me, mutual masturbation, dirty talk, playing with myself for you, wet sounds, cumming for you, edging, playing with your balls, teasing, sloppy blowjob, deepthroating, begging, face fucking, eat my fat ass, licking my asshole while you finger me, cumming with your tongue in my asshole, missionary, choking, cumming on your cock, doggy, loud spanking, hard fucking, creampie, cumming in my pussy, cumeating, cumkiss.

Your Boss is a Bitch and It’s About Time She Gets What She Deserves [Stereo] [REMASTER] [Patreon Exclusive] [30:15]

This is the second of my re-recorded audios. The dialogue and sex acts in it are different from the original. It also includes wet sounds and is binaural. The original version was posted to GWA in early 2019.

Your boss is the rudest bitch you have ever met. What's her problem? Why does she always have a stick up her ass? Maybe it's time for you to get her in a room alone, put your hand over her mouth, and teach her a lesson.


stereo, wet sounds. making your boss your dirty slut, fdom to fsub, teasing, dirty talk, talking down to you, finally having your way with me, stroking your cock, tasting myself on your fingers, eating my pussy, dick slapping, sloppy blowjob, deepthroating, wet stroking, sucking on your balls, choking on your cock, bend me over, grinding your cock between my fat ass cheeks, spanking my fat ass until it’s red, playing with my clit, ramming your cock into me, choking, hair pulling, cumming on your cock, begging, heavy breathing, creampie, tasting your cum on my pussy, cumkiss, making me swallow our cum mixed together.

The Hot Girl Who Was Watching You Work out Follows You in The Showers and Has Her Way With You [Early Access] [26:16]

You're at the gym and are going about your regular workout when you notice the hot girl with the perfect ass and thicc thighs who was on the stairmaster looking at you. At first you think it's your imagination but you keep catching her watching you. You tell yourself she's out of your league and head to the showers as the gym starts to close not knowing that's exactly where she wants you.


fdom, gym shower, your fucktoy, stripping for you, dirty talk, teasing, dick slaps, sloppy blowjob, deepthroating, choking on your cock, sucking on your balls, eat my pussy, fingering my asshole, cumming on your mouth, rubbing your cock between my big fat ass cheeks, fucking me from behind, spanking, hair pulling, calling you daddy, cumming on your cock, turn me over and carry me while you fuck me, cumming on your cock, begging, creampie, grinding your cock on my pussy, cumeating, swallowing your cum, cumkiss.

Your Barely Legal Babysitter Lies & Says Your Wife Said It's Okay to Fuck Her [Stereo] [REMASTER] [Patreon Exclusive] [31:56]

This is the first of my re-recorded audios. The dialogue and sex acts in it are different from the original. It also includes wet sounds and is binaural. The original version was posted to GWA in April of 2020.

Welcome home! I know I've been babysitting your kids for a few years and I know it's been super rough on you these last few months because you've been working so hard. I talked to your wife and she agreed you should get a treat due to how hard you're working these days. She gave me permission to fuck you. Don't you want to finally get a taste of my 18 year old pussy?? (then later during the sex...) Actually, I lied. Your wife didn't give me permission. I just really wanted to fuck you!



stereo, fucking your babysitter, calling you daddy, cheating, blackmail-ish, your wife is a cuckqueen, DOUBLE CREAMPIE, seducing you, teasing, stroking your cock, finger my pussy, cumming on your fingers, play and suck on my tits, sloppy blowjob, loud deepthroating, sucking on your fingers, choking on your cock, missionary, choking, wet sounds, begging, dirty talk, heavy breathing, cumming on your cock, bending me over, spanking, hair pulling, cumming in my pussy, holding my hands behind my back, making me take your cock in my ass, making me clean up your cock.

Fucking Your Old High School Crush At Your Family's 4th of July Party ❤️🤍💙 [Early Access]

Your family has a 4th of July get together and your brother shows up with his new gf (who you know from high school and who you always had a crush on). You spend the whole afternoon watching her in her two piece and avoiding her. When everyone goes out front to light fireworks, she asks to speak to you in the backyard with the pretense of needing to talk to you.

this audio includes:

fireworks, cheating, brothers new girlfriend, old hs crush, showing you my tits and ass, fdom to fsub, teasing, your little slut, grinding your cock against my ass, grinding against my clit, making me cum on your cock, forcing me to suck your dick, playing with your balls, wet sloppy blowjob, deepthroating, lots of wet sounds, fucking my tits, bending me over, hands behind my back, spanking, creampie, using your cum to finger me, cumming on your fingers, eat my pussy, cum sharing, cum kiss.

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