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I Made You Lose Your Game on VC With Your Friends & Now You’re Going to Punish Me For It


Your friends tell you they need one more person for a game (whatever video game you play) and you tell them you're down to play. You just hopped on to the game when your bratty girlfriend comes in asking you to stop gaming and fuck her. You ask her to wait while you finish the game but she's impatient and needs your cock right this second.


on vc gaming with your friends, calling you daddy, bratty gf, really horny, ignoring me, teasing, handjob, wet stroking sounds, dirty talk, asking for consent (ALWAYS IMPORTANT!!!), sloppy blowjob, deepthroating, gagging on your cock, made you lose your game, punishing me by facefucking me, hair pulling, loud spanking, fingering, edging, cumming on your fingers, missionary, fucking me on your desk while your friends listen, your dirty little bitch, your cum slut, fuck my pussy, creampie, cumeating, cumsharing.

I Had a Bad Day & Now I'm Going To Use You as My Toy

[stereo] [Patreon exclusive] [30:45]

the title is self explanatory.


stereo, wet sounds, fdom, this is about me not you, stripping, teasing, wet handjob, JOI, stroking your cock loud and hard, edging, tasting my pussy for you, eat my pussy, fingering, thrusting against the bed while you eat me out, play with my tits, nipple sucking, nipple biting, begging, missionary, fuck me hard and fast, creampie, cumming on your cock, making myself cum while your cock is still inside me, cumeating.

Losing Your Virginity to Your Sexy Roommate After She Volunteers to Help You Use Your Fleshlight For The First Time

[EARLY ACCESS] [30:07] [patreon poll winner]

We're roommates and you're eagerly waiting for your first fleshlight to come in the mail. You come out of your room looking for the mail and see the fleshlight, opened, on top of the counter. Your cute shy roommates explains she opened it by mistake and asks why you bought it. You admit to being a virgin and she offers to help you with the fleshlight and then wants your dick inside her as well.


roommate, friends to lovers, your first time, taking your virginity, wet sounds, seducing you, JOI-ish, kissing, teasing your cock, using the fleshlight to fuck you, wet stroking, sucking and playing with your balls while i stroke your cock with the fleshlight, dirty talk, use my mouth as your toy, slow sensual blowjob, first time face fucking, gagging on your cock, straddling you, grinding against your cock, fuck my pussy, cumming on your cock, riding your cock, cowgirl, loud spanking, suck on my nipples, play with my tits, loud fucking, countdown, cum in my pussy, creampie, making myself cum while your cock is still inside me, cum cleanup, cum eating.

heartdamage's choice [patreon exclusive] [28:36] [patreon poll winner]

I had a few people ask for me to do both another M's Choice audio (What happens when you're in heartdamage's bed? What would she do? Is it different from her audios?) and something while I'm a little high because I've mentioned a bunch that being high makes me really horny? So basically this is a super horny updated M's Choice where I get to do things however I want and you fuck me the way I like to be fucked IRL.


lots of dirty talk, wet sounds, fingering myself, eat my pussy, riding your face, grinding against your mouth, moaning, heavy breathing, fuck my face, make me your dirty slut, your dirty bitch, sloppy blowjob, deepthroating, gagging on your cock, fucking me bent over the bed, edging, extreme teasing, spank my ass, your dirty whore, fuck me hard and fast, missionary, using my wand, begging, cum in my pussy

Joining The Mile High Club! Your Dirty Flight Attendant Helps You Get Over Your Fear of Flying [Early Access] [26:01] [patron submitted idea]

You've had a bad fear of flying for a while and usually opt to travel via land anywhere you go. Unable to do so on short notice with your job, you decide to bite the bullet and get on a plane. You're nervous but feel better when a cute flight attendant with dimples and glasses is there to greet you as you board.


in the lavatory, sfx, wet sounds, fsub, i could lose my job, stroking your cock, playing with your balls, playing and sucking on my tits, dirty talk, heavy breathing, almost caught, sucking your dick while you rub my pussy, sucking on your balls, deepthroating, choking on your cock, loud fingering, finger fuck my pussy, grinding your cock against my big fat ass, teasing my clit, making me beg you to slide your cock inside me, fucking me from behind, begging, creampie, cumeating.

Just a Girl and Her First Wand [Early Access] [14:17] [patron submitted idea]

i got my first wand and used it for the first time for you. not a magical wand like Harry Potters, although it does work wonders, if you know what i mean.

no tags cause it's self explanatory.

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