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Latest Upload

Your Exes Daughter is all Grown Up &
Invites you Back to her Dorm to Prove it to you ✨

[26:20] [Patron Poll Winner] [Early Access]

I'm the daughter of your ex-gf. I was in HS when you started dating my mom. I'm in college now that you've been broken up for a while and we’ve just run into each other outside a bar near my campus. I always thought you were cute, but hooking up with my mom’s bf? Never! But now... Well, wouldn’t you like to come back to my dorm? My roommate’s away for the night.



[ex gfs barely legal daughter] [college slut] [intimate] [fsub] [wet sounds] [romantic] [calling you daddy] [lots of kissing] [riding your cock] [cowgirl] [tongue kissing] [fucking me while you carry me and my legs are wrapped around you] [cumming on your cock] [eat my pussy] [missionary] [playing with my tits] [fingers in my mouth] [begging] [needy] [wet stroking] [gentle blowjob] [licking and playing with your balls] [your cock hitting the back of my mouth] [doggy style] [loud spanking] [hair pulling] [cum inside me] [creampie] [cum cleanup] [cum sharing] [cumkiss]

I Know You Love To Degrade Me, Daddy But Now
It's MY Turn to Treat You Like The Useless Whore You Are

[22:15] [Early Access]

Daddy, I know you love to treat me like I'm a dirty little bitch, a toy for you to fill and use however you want. But today, it's my turn to treat you like the useless bitch you are. Please be advised there's a TON of name calling and degradation in this one so if you're not ready to be my good toy, then maybe skip this one!



[JOI] [play along with me] [needy] [fdom] [aggressive name calling] [a lot of dirty talk] [lots of wet sounds] [moaning] [dirty talk] [degradation] [riding your face] [fuck me] [lots of edging] [making you do what i say] [using you as my toy]

After a Fight With Her Mom,
Your GF's Barely Legal Daughter Lets You Cum On Her Face as Payback

[24:09] [Stereo/Binaural] [Patreon Exclusive]

You and your girlfriend decide to live together and it's all fun and games until her barely legal daughter comes home from college over break. As all mothers and daughters do, they bicker and fight a lot, on top of you having talked to your gf about her daughter walking around in inappropriate clothing all the time. One night, they get in a fight and your gf decides to go out for a girls night to unwind with her friends. Her daughter decides to get her revenge by finally seducing you.



[stereo/binaural] [wet sounds] [sfx] [your girlfriends slutty daughter] [seducing you] [fdom] [cheating] [touching your cock] [you put up a fight] [sloppy blowjob] [wet stroking] [deepthroating] [your dirty slut] [eat my ass] [tongue fucking my asshole] [spreading myself for you] [play with your cock while you eat my ass] [pussy eating] [cumming on your mouth while your finger is in my ass] [mutual masturbation] [watch me finger myself] [cowgirl] [riding you] [cumming on your cock] [begging] [dirty talk] [edging] [facial] [cum on my face] [cum cleanup] [swallowing your load]

Playing Truth or Dare With Your Best Friends Slutty Hot Latina Girlfriend While He's Asleep in The Other Room ✨
[31:58] [Early Access]

You're in the middle of a heatwave so you and your friends decide to rent an airbnb with a pool to get drunk and go swimming for the weekend. It's your best friends first time bringing his hot Latina girlfriend with him on a friends trip and while you've never really talked to her, you find her really hot and have to constantly remind yourself she's with your best friend. During a late night game of truth and dare, after a few drinks, your friends - including your best friend - decide to call it a night. You overhear her tell him to go on to bed without her and she slips back in the room, surprised to find you're the only two staying up and well... I'm game to keep playing if you are? What do you say?


[wet sounds] [truth or dare] [cheating] [best friends girlfriend] [teasing] [seducing you] [latina] [big ass] [stripping] [dirty talk] [daring you to show me your cock] [edging] [mutual masturbation] [playing with my pussy while you stroke your cock] [daring you to taste my pussy] [fingering] [playing with my clit] [play with my tits] [cumming on your fingers] [tasting myself on your fingers] [eating my pussy] [biting and sucking on my tits] [cumming on your mouth] [ass eating] [tongue fuck my asshole] [anal] [fuck my asshole] [cum on my tits] [cum eating] [our little secret]

Your Shy Innocent Best Friend Stumbles Across a Subreddit Called GoneWildAudio & Decides Her First Audio Will Be Just For You.
We Are Best Friends After All, Right?

[29:11] [Stereo/Binaural] [Patreon Exclusive]

You have had an unspoken thing for your best friend since you met your first year of college, and you suspect she might like you too. Over the summer, she goes home to visit her parents and stumbles upon a page on Reddit where people record themselves getting off. You laughed about it with her, but one day, you log on to discord to see an audio file from her in your DMs and a message: Who better to hear my first audio than my very best friend?


[stereo/binaural] [ramblefap/joi/asmr all in one] [lots of mouth sounds] [lots of edging] [friends to lovers] [parents in other room] [confessing my crush on you] [whispering] [playing with myself thinking about you] [play with my tits] [eat my pussy] [wet sounds] [seducing you] [your dirty little bitch] [have to be quiet] [hold the moan] [fingering] [fuck me] [blowjob] [wet stroking] [tasting myself off your cock] [begging] [dirty talk] [hard fucking] [creampie] [countdown] [cum inside me] 

Your Hot Tinder Date Hasn't Been Fucked In A Long Time.
Will You Please End My Dry Spell?

[29:40] [Early Access]

After going through a tough breakup, you decide to finally put yourself out there and try a dating app. You swipe right on this really hot girl and are super excited to see you've matched. You get to talking and have a lot in common so you decide to go on your first date. She's super hot, with the perfect ass, a little shy but you both get along really well. You invite her back to your place when she makes a confession - she hasn't been fucked in a while - which only makes you want to fuck her even more.


[first date] [my first in a long time] [intimate] [date night] [lots of kissing] [super descriptive] [fsub] [teasing] [playing with my pussy] [play with my tits] [eat my pussy] [fingering] [cumming on your mouth] [wet handjob] [licking up all your precum] [soft gentle blowjob] [fucking my fave while my hands are behind my back] [gagging on your cock] [wet stroking] [calling you daddy] [whispering] [teasing my asshole with your cock] [loud spanking] [fuck me while i’m bent over for you] [missionary] [sucking and biting on my nipples while you fuck me] [creampie] [cum in my pussy] [using your cum as lube to play with myself] [second date?]

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