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Forcing Me To Be Your Dirty Slut While On VC Playing Among Us With My Friends [stereo] [Patreon Exclusive]

You're hanging out and start to feel horny so you decide to come and see what I'm up to. I'm sitting on call with my friends in the middle of a game of Among Us and you start trying to get me to fuck you.


this audio includes:

fsub, exhibitionism, seducing me, on call with my friends, playing among us, rubbing my pussy, fingering, hold the moan, teasing, eating my pussy, cumming on your mouth, moaning, handjob, wet blowjob, deepthroating, lots of wet stroking, dirty talk, heavy breathing, fuck me, bending me over my desk and fucking me, doggy, loud spanking, hair pulling, creampie, cumsharing, cumkiss.

Well I Guess You're Fair Game Now [submitted by a patron] [Early Access]

Your parents adopted a while back, and while everyone tried to act like everything was normal, you never felt like she was your family and it only got harder as she got older and grew into the hot girl she is now. Your parents finally tell her and she puts together why you always treated her differently and decides to let you know what she was thinking and feeling towards you all these years.


this audio includes:

fdom, taboo, seducing you, playing with myself in front of you, teasing, handjob, sloppy wet blowjob, lots of facefucking, wet stroking sounds, deepthroating, playing with your balls, fingering, choking, hair pulling, playing with my tits, nipple biting and sucking, grab my fat ass, grinding on your cock, cumming on your cock, cowgirl, riding your cock, spanking, bend me over your desk, begging, hard fucking, creampie, cumming at the same time, cumeating.

Running Into Your Hot Ex Girlfriend & Letting Her Fuck You in The Dressing Room [stereo] [patron poll winner] [Patreon Exclusive]

You're at the mall with your girlfriend when you run into me, your ex girlfriend. We catch up and I tell you I'm here with my boyfriend shopping for some summer clothes but he went to a different store while I try some pieces on. I ask you if you remember when we fucked in a dressing room, which, of course, you do. To pass the time while we wait for our partners, you come into my dressing room and have some fun with me.


this audio includes:

ex girlfriend, cheating, in public dressing room, kissing, nibbling on your ear, grabbing my fat ass, stroking your cock, playing with your balls, wet sloppy blowjob, deepthroating, a lot of facefucking, eating my pussy from the back, fingering my asshole, grinding on your mouth, cumming on your mouth, missionary, fuck my pussy, hand over my mouth, choking, playing with my clit, cumming on your cock, begging, teasing, creampie, eating my pussy after you cum inside me, cumkiss, swallowing your cum.

Your Best Friends Girlfriend Corners You at a Party After Her Dirty Call To You In The Middle of The Night [pt 2 of 2] [submitted by a patron] [patron poll winner] [Early Access]

After our dirty phone call in the middle of the night when I had a wet dream about you, we are at a party together and I decide I need to have you. I see you go upstairs and I excuse myself pretending to go to the bathroom and corner you upstairs. I tell you I need to have you, and you admit you haven't stopped thinking about me either and we finally fuck while our friends, and my boyfriend, are downstairs blissfully unaware.


this audio includes:

fdom, seducing you, my boyfriend downstairs, cheating, exposing myself to you, making you play with me, kissing, grinding against your hand, cumming on your fingers, tasting myself, handjob, sloppy blowjob, fucking my face, choking, loud intense deepthroating, prone bone, grinding and thrusting against my fat ass, hair pulling, spanking, begging, calling you daddy and baby, fuck my pussy, creampie, fingerfuck your cum into my pussy, cumeating, cumkiss.

Sneaking In My Window And Having Your Way With Me While My Parents Are Next Door [stereo] [submitted by a patron] [Patreon Exclusive]

I'm a college freshman home for summer break. My parents were supposed to be out for the evening and you and I had a nice evening planned out, but their plans got cancelled, which also meant that OUR plans got cancelled. Or so I thought, because suddenly, you're tapping on my window and sneaking into my room and I have to be quiet because my parents are in the next room over.


this audio includes:

stereo/binaural, parents next door, lots of whispering, almost caught, sneaking around, rubbing my clit, fingering, playing with my tits, cumming on your fingers, tasting myself, handjob, quiet wet blowjob, forcing your cock down my throat, face fucking, grinding your cock against my clit, dirty talking, heavy breathing, missionary, licking my tits, prone bone, cumming in my pussy, cleaning up your cum with my mouth, cumkiss.

Hey, Are You Up? I Had a Dirty Dream About You. I Don't Care If You're My Boyfriends Best Friend Pt.1 [submitted by a patron] [Early Access]

You're sleeping when you're awoken by your phone ringing. It's your best friends girlfriend. You think it's weird as you don't really talk to each other besides the time you spent together because of him so you naturally assume it's something important. She tells you she actually had a dirty dream about you and she really liked it.


this audio includes:

JOI, naughty phone call, calling you daddy, seducing you, wet dream, dirty talk, your best friends gf, touch your cock for me, teasing, grinding on your cock, kissing, fuck me, edging, tasting myself for you, cum in my pussy.

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