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How Was I Supposed To Know You're Not My Boyfriend?! You're Wearing The Same Mask As Him!

[F4M] [halloween party] [costumes] [cheating] [cum inside me] [bathroom sex] [cnc] [sloppy blowjob] [deepthroating] [choking on your cock] [fuck me on the sink] [dirty talk] [spanking] [creampie] [our secret]

You're at a Halloween party with your friends and are going through the crowd when a hot girl in a matching costume to yours starts asking you to come over. She introduces you to her friend as her boyfriend and you realize you're probably wearing the same costume her boyfriend was. She's really bossy and really hot so you go along with it, waiting to see how long it'll take her to figure out the mix up...

How hot is it we both get to go our separate ways? or maybe next halloween?

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DISCLAIMER: All the characters depicted in this audio are aged 18+ and all interactions in this audio are consensual. This audio is strictly a fantasy artistic role play. It is not real. This audio was recorded by an adult and was made for only adults. This audio is also not an endorsement of the acts in it.
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