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You Think I Sound Like Who? Your Modest Blind Date is The Slutty Audio Girl You Get Off to [35:46]

[fucking heartdamage] [wet sounds] [blackmailish?] [dirty talk] [our little secret] [stripping for you] [kissing] [handjob] [grinding against your cock] [hands pinned to your sides] [play with my tits] [tit sucking] [teasing] [calling you daddy] [begging] [spanking] [riding your cock] [cumming on your cock] [face riding] [69] [sloppy blowjob] [hard facefucking] [choking on your cock] [deepthroating] [bend me over] [hair pulling] [choking] [fuck my ass] [anal creampie] [fingering] [cumming while your cock is still in my ass] [kissing] [really really turned on]

You and I get set up by a friend of ours. We go out a few times and really like each other so we make plans to go get dinner. As you get to know me, you start to notice similarities between me and an audio girl you listen to online. I invite you over after the date and you put the pieces together. Why are there microphones in my bedroom? The glasses? The tattoos? You realize I'm heartdamage and confront me, asking me to show you what it's like to actually fuck me.

This audio is an Early Access Audio available to my $5 Honey tier and higher.

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DISCLAIMER: All the characters depicted in this audio are aged 18+ and all interactions in this audio are consensual. This audio is strictly a fantasy artistic role play. It is not real. This audio was recorded by an adult and was made for only adults. This audio is also not an endorsement of the acts in it.
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