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Your Hot Tinder Date Hasn't Been Fucked In A Long Time. Will You Please End My Dry Spell? [29:40]

[first date] [wet sounds] [my first in a long time] [intimate] [date night] [lots of kissing] [super descriptive] [fsub] [teasing] [playing with my pussy] [play with my tits] [eat my pussy] [fingering] [cumming on your mouth] [wet handjob] [licking up all your precum] [soft gentle blowjob] [fucking my face while my hands are behind my back] [gagging on your cock] [wet stroking] [calling you daddy] [whispering] [teasing my asshole with your cock] [loud spanking] [fuck me while i’m bent over for you] [missionary] [sucking and biting on my nipples while you fuck me] [creampie] [cum in my pussy] [using your cum as lube to play with myself] [second date?]

After going through a tough breakup, you decide to finally put yourself out there and try a dating app. You swipe right on this really hot girl and are super excited to see you've matched. You get to talking and have a lot in common so you decide to go on your first date. She's super hot, with the perfect ass, a little shy but you both get along really well. You invite her back to your place when she makes a confession - she hasn't been fucked in a while - which only makes you want to fuck her even more. Being the first dick that a super hot girl like me gets to have in a long time sounds like a dream, doesn't it, Daddy?

This audio is an Early Access Audio available to my $5 Honey tier.

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DISCLAIMER: All the characters depicted in this audio are aged 18+ and all interactions in this audio are consensual. This audio is strictly a fantasy artistic role play. It is not real. This audio was recorded by an adult and was made for only adults. This audio is also not an endorsement of the acts in it.
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