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Your Stepsis Finds Your Fleshlight& Blackmails You Into Letting Her Use It On You [Stereo] [21:53]

[stereo/binaural] [blackmail] [fdom] [virgin] [convincing you to let me help you] [fleshlight] [wet stroking] [handjob] [stroking your cock with the fleshlight] [dirty talk] [whispering] [eyes covered] [blindfolded] [switching out the toy with my pussy] [play with my tits] [riding your cock] [wet sounds] [begging] [cumming on your cock] [multiple orgasms] [cum in my pussy] [creampie] [sucking your dick] [first blowjob] [cum in my mouth] [cum sharing] [cum kiss]

You're a virgin and decide to buy a fleshlight to see what all the fuss is about. You're out with your friends one day when you come home and find your stepsister in your room, having found your fleshlight. She promises to not tell anyone under one condition: you'll let her help you use it. You think it's too weird so she convinces you to be blindfolded so you can focus on the experience and not on who is doing it. Little do you know, she's ready to hop on your dick and ride you while you pretend you don't know she switches the toy out with her pussy.

This audio is a Patreon Exclusive Audio available to my $15 Dreamboat tier and higher.

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DISCLAIMER: All the characters depicted in this audio are aged 18+ and all interactions in this audio are consensual. This audio is strictly a fantasy artistic role play. It is not real. This audio was recorded by an adult and was made for only adults. This audio is also not an endorsement of the acts in it.
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